European University Association, Brussels 19-20 March 2018

University autonomy in Kazakhstan: Analysis of the state of play
Training seminar
The European University Association welcomes the TRUNAK consortium and the European Commission to a training seminar on university autonomy analysis. The seminar will address the rationale for university autonomy, including benefits and structural conditions, in a comparative perspective based on European benchmarking. Consortium partners will be trained in regulatory framework data collection and analysis in order to achieve a detailed overview of institutional autonomy of Kazakh universities, structured according to the EUA University Autonomy Scorecard. The seminar will enable participants to become multipliers and raise awareness about and communicate on the benefits of university autonomy in their institutions and in the sector. Capacity building and dissemination are therefore two core objectives of the seminar, with the perspective of enhancing ownership and take-up of the reform process within the Kazakh university sector.