European University Association (EUA)


EUA represents and supports national university associations from 33 countries and 800 higher education institutions in 47 countries.

EUA plays an essential role in shaping the EU HE and research landscape due to knowledge of the sector and the diversity of its members. EUA builds strong universities for Europe through targeted activities aimed at supporting their development. These include a focus on strengthening the leadership, governance and management capacities of universities through mutual learning and exchange.

EUA has long-standing expertise in addressing the issues of autonomy, accountability and funding through promoting conferences and workshops, and engaging its members in an evidence-based debate on improving university governance and leadership competencies and updating funding structures.

EUA provides HE and research stakeholders in EU with unique benchmarking tools, widely recognised and used in many countries. EUA’s Autonomy Scorecard compares a wealth of indicators reflecting the degree of autonomy of universities in 29 systems in EU. EUA has been invited to use these tools to provide advice to several countries seeking to develop governance reforms for the sector. It has the expertise to deliver in-depth analysis of the state of university autonomy in different countries, identifying pressing challenges and providing recommendations for a governance reform. EUA developed bespoke structures and processes to design and implement roadmaps outlining necessary steps for reform of the regulatory frameworks. EUA fosters inclusive approaches to governance reforms and also helped build capacities to modernise university governance and management.

The Kazakh university sector and public authorities expressed the need to reform the governance model for universities. EUA is able to provide support to benchmarking, evidence-based policy-making processes and guidance with implementation of reforms.


Thomas Estermann

Thomas Estermann is Director for Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development with responsibilities for EUA’s work aimed at strengthening universities’ autonomy, governance, management and their financial sustainability.

He has co-authored various publications edited by EUA in the field, including Designing Strategies for Efficient Funding of Universities in Europe. 2015; Full Costing: Progress and Practice. 2013; Financially sustainable universities II: European universities diversifying income sources. 2011; University Autonomy in Europe II: The Scorecard. 2011; University Autonomy in Europe I: Exploratory Study. 2009.

Before joining EUA in 2007, Thomas Estermann was Deputy Head of Strategic Development and Deputy Head of Administration at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, a member of the universities’ senate and involved in the last two reforms in higher education in Austria. Before entering the University in 1997, he pursued a career as a lawyer.

Thomas Estermann was previously member of the Executive Committee of HUMANE (Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe) and founding chairman of WSAN, a network of senior university managers in Europe. He is also a member of the editorial board of the UK-based journal ‘Perspectives’, which focuses on policy and practice in Higher Education.

He holds a Master’s degree in law from the University of Vienna.

Thomas Estermann has also acted as Project Manager of several projects funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme, Tempus and Erasmus+. He has notably steered the ATHENA project on governance and funding in Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Enora Bennetot Pruvot

Enora Bennetot Pruvot is Deputy Director for Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development at EUA. She contributes to public policy development in the field of higher education governance and funding. She is responsible for the full update of EUA’s University Autonomy Scorecard in 2017 and has also co-managed a series of EUA-led projects on university funding and governance, including the ATHENA project. She has published on the topic of university financial sustainability (Financially sustainable universities II: European universities diversifying income sources. 2011) and higher education funding (Designing Strategies for Efficient Funding of Universities in Europe. 2015; Funding for excellence. 2014). She is also responsible for the organisation of EUA’s biannual Funding Forum and for EUA’s annual Public Funding Observatory, which monitors the evolution of public funding to higher education institutions throughout Europe.

Before joining EUA, Enora gained experience in the field of European research and development policy, working on several FP7 projects. Enora holds Master degrees in Political Science and European Public Affairs, and in European Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium.



WP1 leader
EUA provides the conceptual basis of the project as well as a structured approach to foster the development of autonomy reforms as well as practical implementation. Responsible for methodology development & project partners training as follows
Training on

  • how to adapt the University Autonomy Scorecard methodology to the approach and objectives of the project
  • project event development
  • principles for process & roadmap / action plan development

Support to analysis of the state of play of university autonomy in RK

  • Development and dissemination of autonomy survey
  • Data analysis
  • Development of recommendations / suggestions for governance model

WP2, expertise on current state of play of university autonomy in EU (overview of current trends, different models). EUA also supports the development of learning material for institutional implementation of project recommendations. EUA takes part in all activities and particularly in quality and dissemination throughout the project