Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsouz (KEUK)


Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz was founded in 1966.

The university’s structure includes 3 faculties with 400 teaching staff , of them 200 are professors, doctors of sciences and candidates of sciences, and senior lecturers.

KEUK is part of several international associations: International Association of Universities, Association of Educational Institutions Educational Network (EdNet), the Council of the CIS cooperative universities, Law universities Association, the Association of Eurasian Economic Universities.

In 2006 KEU signed the Magna Charta of European Universities. KEU has signed 70 cooperation agreements with universities in 18 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, South Korea, Turkey, China and Malaysia.

KEUK has created the infrastructure for and operates research and innovation, through the Research Institute of New Economy and System Analysis, the Institute of Economics and Legal Studies, the Scientific Office of Business and Technology Incubator and the Scientific Office of Commercialization and Technology Transfer. The main objective is creating favorable conditions for the implementation of scientific and innovative projects presented by students, doctoral students, academic staff and researchers of the university.

In the last 9 years, KEUK has implemented project activities within 4 EU funded projects (Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+ programmes). The university trained its faculty, students as result of participation at the projects and increased institutional capacity (Competence Centres, Accreditation Network, and curriculum development).

Within the framework of the project is developing an individual model of competence and determination of autonomy in each university partner countries, taking into account country-specific and institutional characteristics.


Rosa Bugubaeva

The Vice-rector for academic question and new technologies, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor. Main responsibilities: development of science, development and implementation of innovation technologies into the educational process of the university. Has about 130 publications.

E-mail: prur@keuk.kz

Aliya Abdikarimova

Head of the Department of economics and entrepreneurship. Coordinates the Economics educational program (bachelor, master and PhD programmes). Coordinates the TRUNAK Erasmus programme.

Has articles at Scopus journals and journals that recommended by Committee of control in the sphere of education and science.

E-mail: aliyata@mail.ru

Svetlana Glazunova

Deputy Head of Academic Development Department, and has specialized knowledge in international accreditations, quality management, quality control, academic policy of the University, autonomy of universities. In her professional activity she works with development of internal normative documentation of the University, regulating the basic requirements for the development of educational programs, their methodological support, the organization of intermediate and final certification. Supervises of opening and closing of educational programs at the University, the passage of specialized program accreditation, monitoring and evaluation of programs’ quality, educational achievements of students and other aspects of academic activities.
She has about 15 publications.

E-mail: glazunova_sb@mail.ru

Larisa Kusainova

C.j.s, associate Professor, since 2017-Director of the Department of personnel management of Karaganda economic University.

Author of over 30 articles; 5 study manuals (Financial law of the RK,2010.; Countering the legalization of illegal revenues, 2015; Countering the legalization of illegal revenues: collection of normative legal acts, 2015; Workshop on Financial law of the RK 2015.); 1 monograph; participated in the group of authors of the textbook MES RK “the Financial law of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, 1 electronic textbook “Financial law of the RK”, 1 media course “Counteraction to legalization of illegal income»

E-mail: KLARISA_777@mail.ru

Albina Garipova

Master of Science in Tourism, Deputy Dean of the faculty of business and law for discipline. Participates in development of the regulations the duties of curators of academic groups, monitors the implementation of the plan of educational work of the faculty, the appointment of curators and stewards of academic groups. She is the author of the textbook “Visa documents”, author of more than 15 articles, co-author of collective monographs on restaurant and hotel business, participant of grant themes, participant of academic mobility of teachers within the framework of the Erasmus + program.

E-mail: albinaalbertovna@mail.ru


WP 3 Quality Assurance leader.
In the whole project:
– Contribute to the development of a model for the transition to autonomy, training modules.
– Contribute to the implementation and monitoring of reform policies within TRUNAK project.
-Participate in the monitoring of the project, providing index and plans.
-Participate in surveying and benchmarking activities.
-Take part in the Quality Assurance activities as a member of the Management Team.
-Will be a member of the Management Team (and take part in the overall management and decision-making processes.
-Participate in the dissemination of the results from the project.