M. Kozybayev North-Kazakhstan State University nam (NKSU)

Trunak Project


Manash Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University is a multidisciplinary and modern ManashKozybayev North Kazakhstan State University is a multidisciplinary and modern educational complex that trains highly qualified specialists for more than 80 years. M. Kozybayev

NKSU is located in the North part of the Republic of Kazakhstan and one of the ten best multidisciplinary universities in Kazakhstan. Having a powerful material and technical base, modern campus, an excellent medical center, a scientific library with a fund of more than 1 million exemplars, a number of well-equipped research laboratories, a swimming pool and suburban educational and practical complexes, the University implements 64 bachelor programs, 35 master’s programs and 6 PhD programs with a contingent of over 7 thousand students

The university and all educational programs have national accreditation. Seven educational programs have international accreditation of the ASIIN German Agency.

In 2018 along with other specialties was opened new educational program “General medicine” which is taught in English language. 335 students study under the program “General medicine”.

The University implements 9 joint programs in double-diploma education with Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), Ural Federal University (Russia)andKuban State Technological University(Russia). There are 241 foreign students studying at the University.

Among the Kazakh universities, the University has a high level of employment of graduates-26 educational programs occupy the first place on the results of evaluation of graduates and educational programs.

High quality of education in the University is provided by qualified scientific and pedagogical stuff, modern content of educational programs, and effective links with industrial enterprises. The strategic goal of the University is to integrate into the world educational space. More than a hundred contracts have been concluded with foreign universities. The M. Kozybayev NKSU is a full member of the Great Charter of Universities and an Individual Associate Member of the European University Association.


Serik Omirbayev

Qualification: Doctor of Economics, Professor, Chairman of the National Team of Experts on Higher Education Reform in Kazakhstan (NT EHERK). Experience of work – 36 years.A competent expert in the scope of high school, engaged in the development of normative legal acts regulating higher and postgraduate education, and the formation of educational programs, curricula and programs of educational disciplines. Author of more than 150 scientific papers and articles, including 4 books, 8 manuals, 7 monographs.

E-mail: somirbaev@mail.ru

Marina Pogrebitskaya

Qualification: teacher of mathematics and computer science, economist and manager at the enterprise. Director of Strategy, quality and internationalization department of M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan State University, Candidate of Pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor. An expert-auditor in quality of business and economic education of CAMAN (Central Asian Foundation for Management Development), an expert of the National accreditation centre (NAC) of MES of RK, an expert of Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR), Kazakhstan. A state scientific scholarship holder for talented young scientists. Experience of educational and research work – 23 years at universities of Kazakhstan. Author of 1 monograph and 50 scientific works.

E-mail: mpogrebitskaya@gmail.com

Erbol Issakayev

Qualification: First Vice-Rector of NKSU, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor. The General experience of scientific and pedagogical activity – 15 years. The author of more than 30 scientific articles, published in journals recommended by the KKSON MES, materials of international, national conferences and congresses, 1 teaching aid.

E-mail: erbol_pvl@mail.ru

Natalya Pobezhuk

Master, Chief compliance academic officer.
Qualification: historian, history teacher. Master of political science, Chief compliance academic officeof North Kazakhstan state University named after M. Kozybayev. The total experience of scientific and pedagogical activity is 19 years. Author of 5 teaching AIDS and 10 articles.

E-mail: natalya_pobezhuk@mail.ru

Irina Olkova

Candidate of Philological Sciences. Qualification: Teacher of English and German, Philologist.
Aassociate Professor, Head of Foreign Languages Department at M. Kozybayev North Kazakhstan state University. The total experience of scientific and pedagogical activity is 19 years. Expert and member of the Council for the Quality of Course Training at the branch of National Center for Professional Development “Orleu” JSC in North Kazakhstan Region, Kazakhstan; British Council Ambassador in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan. The RK First President Scholarship Holder, a holder of the Medal for Effective Labor Activity according to the national business rating in the RK in 2013. Author of 1 monograph, 2 study guides, 1 teaching aids material collection and 50 scientific articles.

E-mail: irina_m_a@mail.ru


WP 2 Development. Co- coordinator of the work package in close collaboration with KSMU.
In the whole project:
– Contribute to the development of a model for the transition to autonomy, training modules.
– Contribute to the implementation and monitoring of reform policies within TRUNAK project.
-Participate in the monitoring of the project, providing index and plans.
-Participate in surveying and benchmarking activities.
-Take part in the Quality Assurance activities as a member of the Management Team.
-Will be a member of the Management Team (and take part in the overall management and decision-making processes.
-Participate in the dissemination of the results from the project