Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Savonia UAS)


Savonia UAS is one of the largest and most multidisciplinary Universties of Applied Sciences in Finland with 6000 students and 450 staff. Savonia offers degrees in Business, Engineering , Social Services and Health Care, Culture, Tourism & Hospitality, Natural Resources. Savonia creates pathways to a sustainable world. We combine working life, schools and higher education institutions. In our network we develop new businesses, international business and business innovations. The work in our focus areas is nationally acknowledged, networked and internationally active. Multidisciplinary education, RDI and cultural activities promote vitality, internationalisation and wellbeing. Student mobility, expert visits, and RDI projects form a good part of the UAS activities. We develop the integration of RDI work and teaching based on the OIS thinking (OIS= Open Innovation Space). Savonia has active academic mobility exchange partners in over than 30 countries. Our degree programs taught in English receive students from no less than 20 countries. From the very beginning of its foundation, Savonia devoted itself to quality. This devotion has also produced results. The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council has rewarded Savonia University of Applied Sciences three times with the title of “Centre of excellence”. The European “Recognized for excellence” (EFQM) recognition awarded to Savonia in 2011, was a remarkable piece of history in HE: Savonia is a first Finnish HEI to receive this award. The recognition was presented at the SLP gala, held in Helsinki, by the former President of Finland, Tarja Halonen.


Marina Malinen

Mrs. Malinen has been working as a Manager and Planner of international relations and academic international mobility at Savonia UAS for 20 years. She has graduated in Russia and has Diploma (Msc) in Engineering. She has strong experience of managing international projects in development of professional education system in Russia (CBC project in Tver and bilateral project with Federal Institute of Education Development, Government of Moscow). Since 1998 she has participated in 12 Tempus projects in economics, tourism, energy sector and ICT education in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and curriculum development projects in Ukraine. As an International Relations Co-ordinator she is strongly involved in Erasmus+ mobility projects. She is a specialist in interpreting from English to Russia.

Dr. Virpi Laukkanen

Laukkanen works as the Head of International Relations in Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Earlier she worked as Principal Lecturer in Savonia and coordinated the Master level studies of Business Department. She has also worked in University of Eastern Finland. During her career she has coordinated large regional development programs. Laukkanen has Ph.D. (Econ.), her major was entrepreneurship. Laukkanen has done teaching for master level students mainly on future-oriented strategic thinking, leadership, knowledge management and entrepreneurship. Her expertise is related to strategic organizational development, knowledge and change management, and internationalization in higher education institutions. Articles in journals with review process: Laukkanen, V. (2016). ‘Do I have it in me to be an entrepreneur?’ Entrepreneurial coaching for master level students. UAS journal: Journal of Finnish universities of applied sciences. Special Issue EAPRIL. Laukkanen, V., Siimekselä, M., Leavengood, S. & Hansen, E. (2016). Best practices in capturing em-ployee creativity: Forest sector firms in the US and Finland. International Wood Products Journal. UAS journal: journal of Finnish universities of applied sciences. 2015 (2). Rissanen, S., Hujala, A., Laukkanen, V. Helisten, M. & Taskinen, H. (2011). Start-Up Motivations and Growth Orientation of Owners of Family Business – A Care Entrepreneurship Approach. Electronic Journal of Family Business Studies (EJFBS) 5 (1-2), 55-73. Niskanen, M., Laukkanen, V. & Niskanen, J. (2010). The Debt Agency Costs of Family Ownership: Firm Level Evidence on Small and Micro Firms. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship 11 (3), 353-366. Kaikkonen, V. (2006). Exploring the Dilemmas of Small Business Growth – The Case of Rural Food-Processing Micro Firms. Journal of Enterprising Culture 14 (2), 87-105. Kaikkonen, V. (2004). The Family as an Entrepreneurial Team – A Case Study of a Rural Family-Owned Micro Firm. International Journal of Management Cases – Special Issue on Family Firms 6 (3/4), 76-85. Articles in other publications with review process: Alsos, G. A. & Kaikkonen, V. (2005). “Opportunities and Prior Knowledge. A Study of Experienced Entrepreneurs”. In Zahra, Shaker A. et al. (Eds.), Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 2004. Pro-ceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Entrepreneurship Research Conference, 301-314. Other publications: Laukkanen, V. (2016). The straw that broke the camel’s back – Entrepreneurial exit in small firms. Paper presented in 9th Diana International Research Conference. June 12-14, 2016, Bodø, Norway. Laukkanen, V. & Iire, A. (2015). Entrepreneurial Coaching for Master Students – Supporting Skills and Courage. Proceedings of RENT XXIX –conference, Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Zagreb, Croatia, November 18-20, 2015. Laukkanen, V. & Siimekselä, M. (2013). The Role of Organizational Culture and Inner Work Life in Motivating Personnel. Proceedings of the VIII International scientific practical conference ‘Modern Management: Problems and Perspectives’ in St. Petersburg, Russia 11th – 12th of April 2013. Laukkanen, V. & Siimekselä, M. (2012). Creativity in Business – Plugging into Concept. Paper pre-sented in the RENT XXVI Conference in Lyon, France 22nd – 23rd of November 2012. Kaikkonen,V. & Lassila, H. (2008). Succession in Family-Owned Rural Tourism Firms. Paper present-ed in the 4th Workshop on Family Firms Management Research in Naples, Italy 8th -10th of June 2008. Kaikkonen, V. (2005). Book Review: The Future of Europe’s Rural Peripheries. Aldershot: Ashgate, Economic Geography Series. International Small Business Journal 23: 571-574. Kaikkonen, V. (2003). Growth Dilemmas in Rural Food-Processing Micro Firms. In: Borch, Odd Jarl and Rønning, Lars (Eds.), Entrepreneurship in Regional Food Production. Proceedings of 2nd Nordic Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Regional Food Production. Bodø, May 5.-6. 2003. NF-Report no. 26/2003.

Salla Seppänen

Salla Seppänen MNSc, PhDc, Director of Faculty of Culture, Health Care, Social Services and Rural Industries in Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Seppänen has worked in higher education since 1992. She has had various tasks in higher education, like lecturer, principal lecturer, International co-ordinator and since 2006 she has been involved in administrative tasks, first the dean in faculty of health care at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences and since 2012 director of faculty at Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Seppänen has good international competences. She has managed international projects funded by EU Leonardo da Vinci program 1995-2006 in areas of curriculum development, teachers and student exchange and transnational dissemination. She was the head of international nursing education 1999. Seppänen has been a council member in European Wound Management Association since 2011 and was the EWMA President 05/2013-05/2015. Since beginning of 2017 Seppänen is leading the Finnish national advisory and development network of health care education in universities of applied sciences. Seppänen has been one of authors in 6 books: Hietanen, Helvi & Iivanainen, Ansa & Seppänen, Salla & Juutilainen, Vesa. Haava 2002. WSOY. Porvoo. Seppänen Salla, Alahuhta , Maija, Diabeetikon omahoidon välineet. 2007. Edita Publishing Oy. Iivanainen Ansa, Seppänen Salla, Niskasaari Marja. Stoma Fenica 2008. Edita Publishing Oy. Helsinki. Iivanainen, Ansa, Seppänen Salla, Vulnus Fennica 2011. Edita Publishing Oy. Internet avaibility (e-book). Van der Woert, Nicolai, Seppänen, Salla, van Keeken Paul (ed.). 2008. Neuroblend™ – Competence based blended learning framework for life-long vocational learning of neuroscience nurses. Holopainen Arja, Junttila Kristiina, Jylhä Virpi, Korhonen Anne & Seppänen Salla 2013. Johda näyttö käyttöön hoitotyössä. Fioca Oy. Bookwell Oy. Porvoo. (Leading of evidence based practice).She has had several presentations in international conferences and published 10 academic articles in Journals or proceeding books and over 70 articles in professional publications.


Support to analysis of the state of play of UA in RK
Development of recommendations/suggestions for governance model
WP 2
Knowledge about how the Finnish model of University Autonomy (UA) influences the university. Expertise on current state of play of UA in EU (current trends, different models). Expertise about university governance policy in Finlandia and its impact on the institutions.
Participate in subtask WP 2.1
Participate as expert and moderator in subtask WP 2.2
Act as a consultant in subtasks 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5
Participate in subtask WP 2.6
Participate in elaboration and activities of WP3 QAP
WP 4
Contribute to the dissemination activities.
Participate in subtask WP 4.1 Presentations in the National Conference.
Contribute to the effective management of the project. Perform the activities in the operational work package for LU. Deliver annual report. Manage the grant allocated to Savonia UAS. Member of the MT, take part in the overall management and decision-making processes.