Project result are:

Work Package 1 Preparation

The outcomes of the planned activities are:

Training seminar about University Autonomy Scorecard methodology.

On March 19-20, 2018, the partners of the TRUNAK project, the European Association of Universities, held a training seminar for all project participants. 15 participants from Kazakhstan partner universities and 5 participants from European partner universities took part in the seminar.

During the meeting, the results of studies conducted in 29 European universities on autonomy issues were presented by Mr. Thomas Estermann, Director of the Development Department for Management, Finance and Public Policy and Mrs. Enora Pruvot, Deputy Director. Subsequently, a phased application of this methodology was presented at Kazakhstani universities, and issues related to data collection and analysis and the expected results of this study were discussed. Kazakhstan partners actively participated in the discussion of questionnaires, transparency and clarity of the answers provided, the possibility of inviting other universities that are not in the project to identify the state of autonomy of universities

State of play of university governance in Kazakhstan: data collection and analysis

  • Development of a contact database to optimise response rate by identifying potential respondents in the institutions
  • Development of autonomy survey based on the four dimensions of the EUA Autonomy Scorecard
  • Dissemination of survey and monitoring of response rate, actions to increase response rate as necessary (targeted reminders, follow-up with potential respondents, dissemination activities to raise profile of the project and need to take part in survey)
  • Data analysis, identification of areas where autonomy is deemed most important and shortcomings of the current governance system

Suggestions and recommendations for university governance model (including structured guidance for the reform process)

Report – Development of recommendations / suggestions for a governance model suitable to the higher education sector of Kazakhstan, on the basis of the indicators of each of the four dimensions of the EUA University Autonomy Scorecard


Work package 2 Development

Workshops in universities

Kazakh and European partners together analyse the identified needs. EU partners will present the models of autonomy applied EU countries. EUA will provide expertise on the current state of play of university autonomy in Europe (overview of current trends, different models). Alternative scenarios for increased autonomy of the Kazakh universities are elaborated and presented in a report.

The outcomes of the planned activities are:

    • Workshop in Lund, total 18 participants, 12 from Kazakhstan, 6 from EU
    • Workshop in Ljubljana, total 18 participants, 14 from Kazakhstan (included 1 representative from the Ministry of Health and one representative from the Ministry of Education and Science), 4 from EU.
    • Workshop in Lublin, total 17 participants, 13 from Kazakhstan (included 1 representative from the Ministry of Health), 4 from EU

Report of Discussion Group on University Autonomy 

Seminar in Atyrau

Development of a basic model of autonomy. Using the findings of the Discussion Group, a model of autonomy is decided together by the Partner universities and the Ministries, with participation of one EU Partner expert per Partner. The Seminar was attended by 23 participants, of which 19 from Kazakhstan (included 1 representative from the Ministry of Health) and 4 from EU.

Report of Seminar: coming soon